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"The Salinas Lettuce Boycott!!"

The Salinas Lettuce Boycott!!

So, I lived in Salinas California.  I lived on Market Street.  There was a SAFEWAY. That was my first boycott experience.  I seen Mexicans with red and black flags waving.  I was so proud of being a 12 year old Mexican! When I was in college and joined the M.E.Ch.A. organization, once again we joined the Grape boycotts. When I was in my 20’s, I met Cesar Chavez in San Jose, California when I was at San Jose State University and he spoke at one of the community centers.  He had his humble vest and his short hair cut. So humble. It has been almost 60 years that Cesar Chavez and Delores Huerta has made me proud of being a Mexican.  Now, that I am here in Denver, Colorado, I try to be part of the Cesar Chavez’s celebration.  I live for the day to have a National Cesar Chavez Holiday!