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"Thank you from Linda Locke"

Thank you from Linda Locke

I was surprised to find “A Ballet Comes to the Grape Fields” on my computer where it was very much at home since I wrote it. I have a book coming out in a month (in time for Christmas ). This involved the teaching of a very young social worker who spoke little Spanish. I learned Spanish, worker for and with my clients, and helped secured full time non-seasonal work for the farm labor families. I also assisted in getting their children into schools and was midwife for births and deliveries of 21 baby boys. Upon delivery we placed their little feet in the red sandy soil of the “birth certifications” and drove mother and child to Kern General Hospital where they were certifies as citizens of both the U.S.A. and Mexico. Dual citizenship was the best gift we could have given the children and families. Linda Locke MSW