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"Telling his messages to students in the Bronx, NYC"

Telling his messages to students in the Bronx, NYC

As a Professor at Lehman College of CUNY, working with your people who did not know about the issues involved for migrant and other farm labor in the US and who had often come from countries where their families did agriculture, giving these students articles about Cesar Chavez and telling them about the struggles in California and even closer to home in NY State, helped to make real to them the problems and difficulties of US farm labor, that they were excluded from minimum wages because it was the only way Roosevelt could get any kind of minimum wage act passed (a poor compromise) and that it was essential to keep up the fight, to boycott grapes when it was grape pickers who were picketing, etc. Many students were deeply interested in all of this. And certainly the Latino students we got then, were interested ti learn about Chavez.