Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Sister Lettuce"

In the sixties I picketed at a local grocery store, urging folks not to buy lettuce.  I talked about the lettuce boycott so much that people called me “Sister Lettuce.”  IWith a group I visited the headquarters of Jewel in the Chicago area to help them understand which lettuce to buy and not buy.  I leafleted in IL and MIN, visited Chavez’ headquarters in CA with a group of BVMs, supported the boycotts as they came along,  The NFWM headquarters were in the same building on the same floor where I worked in Chicago for awhile. I went to the gathering at Mundelein College, Chicago when Cesar Chavez came to speak.  A few years ago a group gathered outside at a fast foods restaurant to build support for an increase for tomato pickers.  When I visit the National Museum of Mexican Art, the farm worker exhibit brings back many memories.

Happy anniversary!