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"A Childhood with no Grapes"

A Childhood with no Grapes

My mom has been a UFW supporter since before I can remember and the thing I remembered the moment I saw this request was that we used to complain as kids that we were the only ones we knew who were not allowed to eat grapes.
Mom explained patiently, over and over and over again, that we were participating in a boycott and what that meant, but we still didn’t really appreciate it until we were much older.
There were many things other than grapes that we boycotted as I grew up, but that one sticks in my mind as lasting the longest and causing the greatest “sacrifice” on our part. I use quotation marks around the word sacrifice because of course I grew up to understand that we had given up nothing important, especially when compared with the daily lives of the migrant workers we were trying in our small way to support.
Over the years I have participated as an adult in many boycotts, protests, letter writing campaigns, and, more recently, internet-based shows of support, as well as volunteering with the children of migrant workers on Long Island as a college student, working countless hours with organizations that assist those who are without for any reason, and as an educator specializing in at-risk youth, but those days of begging mom to buy grapes in the supermarket remain treasured memories of the way my mom has always lived her beliefs and tried to pass them on to us.
Thanks mom, and thanks to the UFW and all those who have supported its work over these many years. May this organization cease to be necessary in the near future.