Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause


My story begin in the since came to the Unitedd Sates in 1965 my father wored with shanely company I remember my father telling my Brothers and sister let go and pickik line int he 1970 and nobody like the mitote accped me just go the picking line when they were paying 75 dollars a week that long tinme ago then when I got married with the third Vice President of the United Farm worker Guadalupe Martinez in 1973 we were working in company name sky line and my husband Lupe got fierd for organizing the worker in the company,in 1973 and them they fire me also, we won the case with help with the Union, and I return back to work and my husband worked with U.F..W.then in November 1984 our family went to Boycott to Toronto Candada, my husband Lupe Martinez myself and my Daughter Esmeralda, my sons Jorge and Jeraldo Martinez, we were their for three years in place that had diffrent coluture, but we full in Love with all the people their, i worked three years in candada with David Martinez, camr back on after in1988 then we had to Live because we want to had for our Daughter quinsenera on the time we were making 88 dollares a week, and our Daugher wanted a Quinsenera so went to work to give our Daughter, her quinsenera, then I came back in August 15,1993 back to U.F.W to worked until 2002 thats 8 years in Agust and 6 months until Febuary 2002 and and tree year in Toronto sending the wrath of Grapes to all the supporteed for Boycott of Grapes that madke 11 years and Months that I worked with the United farm Worked I should had the Tile of National rep.even I sont have in tile i proud of myself that I came from Mexico when I was 13 years old and no English, working field , and been strike,, with UFW,,woeking in UFW because one hambole man, he was my teacher my mentor .I am what I am today , I Stop working in field in 1983, when I had my last child iI have three children Esmeralda Jorge and Jeraldo Martinez,as you see as came from Mexico I had been strike work as volunteer and workes doing Services and in the boycotted a with UFW. and Iam very proud what Iam today brcause one man, now have my own Bussines going for 13 years doing same thing Services .to our people I am proud thar I participed one historic decades with Cesar Chavez and with United Farm Workers, still Activis, still contiune going to March and support the causa .Viva Chesar Chavez.